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"Terry is very fast and extremely knowledgeable. He is always finding quicker and easier ways to do things within our systems which helps us immensely."

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We keep your systems maintained, optimized, and available. We keep your data secure. We keep the cruft out of your inbox, and the viruses in petri dishes in some lab where they belong.

We do things a little bit differently than all the other "geek" companies out there. We understand that our success and reputation depends upon the satisfaction level of our customers, so we don't lock you into long-term contracts, and we don't try to force an "all or nothing" solution on you. We are confident that once you give us a try, you'll see that we truly are better than all the other companies out there. That's what will make you a long-term customer, not some contract.

If your computers are frustrating you, call us and forget about it. You can relax knowing that the most capable team of experts in the city has it taken care of. Guaranteed.

  • Network security assessment
  • Server troubleshooting
  • Virus removal/prevention
  • Business network set up